The Year of the Dragon

February 3, 2012

It's the Year of the Dragon so of course we assembled our own full size dragon to inhabit our living room. It started with an extremely long piece of brown paper that one of our neighbors received in a shipping box. I guess we are developing a little reputation on the street for re-purposing items since they gave it to us instead of throwing it away. It sat in the laundry room for several days. A big, crinkly, snakey pile of paper that seemed to be taunting me to do something with it. And then we had pizza one night which meant we suddenly had this perfect large circle of cardboard and somehow inspiration struck. The kids and I spent most of a weekend digging through our recycling bin, firing up the glue gun, and sticking on the duct tape to create our very own dragon. 

And in case you didn't know this: dragons are not easy to photograph. I have not been able to successfully capture it flying across the ceiling of our living room. The image you see above is the tail end and his cute little hind legs which Camille ingeniously thought to add at the very last minute thanks to inspiration from Grace Lin's dragon in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Which is a wonderful dragon tale.

We have a certain fondness for the Year of Dragon. We got married during the year of dragon. Anyone out there remember the large inflatable dragon slide/jumpy house that was at our wedding party twelve years ago? That was fun.  Here's to hoping this year will also be filled with happiness, love, and lots of jumping fun.

Happy Year of the Dragon!
Tara said...

Fantastic dragon making project!

Owen was born in the year of the dragon.... A very happy year for us as well... :0)

likeschocolate said...

That is super cute! You have to put that on Crafy Crow!

Emily said...

Oh, Lucia I couldn't possibly love this more! Your dragon is bright and perfect, and your faces are shining. Thanks for the happy start to my morning!

Happy Year of the Dragon!

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