Pink Soup

January 29, 2012

Here's a recent recipe from Camille:

-Dig out two old bottles of strawberry milk from under the back seats of your van
-Pour into a large pot
-Stir again
-Pour into a cup and try to convince your mother to drink it

Here are two kid friendly cook books we like:

Both of these cook books have illustrated steps so kids can follow and concoct easily. Both have recipes that appeal to adults and kids. Both are worth buying and using again and again. Neither one of them recommends using rotten strawberry milk, but they still have good recipes.

Lots of things have been "cooking" around here lately. Serious dragon construction work, lantern hanging, and lots of book reading. And we are in the midst of another amazing author visit. This time the author is from England and she's written some very cool, animal tales. Like this one and this one and this long time family favorite (not recommended for use in the kitchen or for reading while eating). Hope you have been cooking up some good things, too.
likeschocolate said...

Tasty-Not! I really love the cookbook for children by DK Dorling. It has great photos and step by steps, and the recipes are seriously yummy. The chicken satay is super yummy! Happy Weekend!

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