Scrappy Menorahs

December 16, 2011

 Yep, those turkey feathers were re-purposed to make menorahs, too! Here's how:

2 egg cartons
Old Magazines
Colored Duct Tape and or Paint
Tissue Paper

1) Cut the end off one end of the egg cartons so you have nine candle holders. We used the cut off piece to add height for the Shamos. 
2) Tape the two cartons together. 
3) Enlarge each candle holder by snipping the tip off. 
4) Paint or decorate the base. 
5) Add "candles" (colorful magazine pages tightly rolled and taped, ours used to be "turkey feathers")
6) Use duct tape to secure candles to the base
7) Add tissue paper flames

We ended up making two of these because they were so easy and fun. Camille painted one of the bases and we used colored duct tape to decorate the other one (have I ever mentioned how much we love colored duct tape?). These aren't super fancy and they probably won't last forever, but they sure are cute. In addition to re-purposing a formerly recycled craft project, this also turned out to be a safe and colorful way to add menorahs to the kids' bedroom.

Dana said...

Nice, Lucia.
On a side note, I am in complete and utter awe at how neat and orderely that corner of the room seems to be! Are you expecting guests?
PS...I have never really been successful with pralines. I will try again this year now that I have my fancy new thermometer!

likeschocolate said...

I think this is wonderful. It just might work for our little boy who thinks he is Jewish. ;)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Kelleyn, I think your little guy would love making a menorah for his room!

Dana, your astute observation on the state of the room prompted me to take a shot of the whole scene: the real life view of that room. You can see it here:

No need for any awe! :)

joyce matula welch said...

What a fun project! I love the colors!

Emily said...

You make the best menorahs! So colorful and fun!

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Happy Holidays!

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