Recycled Turkey

November 18, 2010

 We got back from Spain last night and had a fabulous, fabulous time until we walked through the front door of our house and poor Camille started vomiting and couldn't stop. That did not make for a nice night after a long day of traveling. So today Camille and I stayed home, played go-fish, read Amelia Bedelia, and made a turkey. A spontaneous--use what is lying around the house- turkey! Isn't he funny? We went a little crazy with the magazine "feathers". Who knew tearing colored pages out of magazines and rolling them up could be so much fun?  The buttons are from my sweet, button-loving girl. Camille has a growing button collection and it made me smile when I overheard her asking Noah to add buttons to her Chanukah list. I promise to post pics and stories of our Spanish adventures soon, but for now: gobble,gobble!

Recycled Turkey:
paper bags
newspaper (for stuffing the body)
one rock to weigh down the body
egg carton (eyes and beak)
magazine pages rolled and taped into tubes: "feathers"
likeschocolate said...

So darling!

Dana said...

This turkey is fabulous! You are amazing to be able to whip this project out. I see a turkey in my future.

Tisra said...

LOVE IT! This seems so novel. Which instantly makes me realize I'm in a creative rut. Not that your idea isn't fantastic, but that I seem to be lacking the ingenuity when I'm normally pretty good at thinking up such projects. :-( Just this season of life, I think.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I have also been in a big creative rut so it felt good today to suddenly feel invigorated and have those creative juices running even if it resulted it in a wacky rainbow turkey for our dining room table! I actually think the change in seasons is good for me. I tend to be a bit more creative during the cooler months when we are stuck inside more. Sending you some creative juices all the way from Sicily :)

Cami said...

i LOVE it! I thought they were pencils, but THAT is much more fun.

Emily said...

That's SUCH a great turkey! I can't wait to try this project with my girls!

Surf and Sangria said...

How creative! I can't wait to make these with the kids this weekend- even Analiese can enjoy!

Francesca said...

I see a recycled turkey in my future too!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

It is a fun way to build a turkey. Stay posted because I think I have come up with an even easier way to build one using a pine cone for the body.

liz said...

Love your idea of feathers. Very Creative and eco kids project!

Beth ( said...

What a CUTE project! Love it! I wanted to invite you to link up at TGIF Linky Party -0
Beth =-)

Deni(se) said...

Just wanted to share that I modified your idea for a bulletin board and taught it to three second grade classrooms. They loved it and it has received nice comments from the staff as well. Eventually, I'll post my version on Pinterest, but wanted to thank you for your sharing and creativity.

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