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December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Day, 2011, Cesaro, Sicily: A charming two year old friend of ours enjoying his version of the perfect Thanksgiving meal. 

We all had such a good day together...a morning hike followed by banagrams, soccer games, book reading, laughing, minimal kitchen time (we were doing a farm stay but had brought along some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods), a nice big, leisurely meal and best of all none of us had to do the dishes. It was one of the best Thanksgivings we have ever had. 
katy said...

ooo, I love this! My girls' plates would look exactly the same if left to their own devices.

Emily M. said...

Lucia-in regards to Austria, my friend said it was a quick two day visit, and it rained the entire time, so it was a bit a of a blur. She did say that the Salzburg Museum was wonderful for kids. It had a treasure hunt type of guide for them. I'm sorry I don't have more for you!

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