Plants vs. Zombies: Halloween 2011

November 5, 2011

That's right, the obsession continues. Noah was the flag zombie. Adam was the disco zombie. I was the conehead zombie. And Camille went with her own creation which we are hopeful will appear in future editions of the game: the polka-dotted, bad kitty-fairy. My proudest moment of creative inspiration came from turning a dumpster discovery (that great big gourd) into a pea shooter

Halloween itself was rainy so I chose to spend the night inside sipping wine, slurping soup, visiting with friends, handing out candy, and drying off wet children. Noah was done with the candy hunt after just a few blocks and headed home to hang out with his friends, but Camille trick-or-treated for two hours straight and brought home some incredibly, sweet loot. 

Halloween is a strange holiday isn't it? All year long we beg our children not to eat candy, we warn them about the dangers of strangers, we don't let them wander the streets at night, and then once a year we encourage them to do those very things. There are actually quite a few similarities between trick-or-treaters and zombies, except zombies prefer brains. Maybe next year we can recruit a few more zombies to join us for the  Halloween attack...we could use a football player, screen door zombie, and a sunflower!
Emily M. said...

haha-LOVE it!!! that game is oddly addicting. rowan, my oldest, and i love it. because of you! did i ever tell you that? went out and got it for my iPhone after your first post about it a while back, and yeah...played non-stop for a while. took a break. they updated, darn it, and then played non-stop again. took a break, and then i think they updated it again. gah! no. more. updates. :)

Cami said...

Oh, my Jane would totally be the sunflower. She's always singing, "There's a zombie on your lawn." Also, she tries to eat my brain on a regular basis. Good stuff. LOVE the family costume idea!

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