Parisian Gluttony: Savory

November 23, 2011

As much as we loved all of the Paris sweets, we also loved the savory side of Paris, too. All of those chalkboards beckoning us, tempting us, wooing us to stop,taste,and savor. I didn't realize how much I loved those enticing black and white signs until I got home and saw just how many photos I had taken of menu boards!

A few of our favorite Parisian savory spots:

Chez La Vieille "Adrienne" for a memorable French meal
Little Breizh for savory crepes, sweet crepes and yummy apple cider
L'as du fallafel for fallafel, schwarma, hummus, and good lentil soup
La Grande Epicerie  for fulfilling a foodie's dream...amazing market where we stocked up on Bordier butter.

Camille and General Washington in front of Chez la Vielle "Adrienne"
Juniper said...

You are really making us drool here. YOu are visiting the city pf Paris just the way I would, sights sounds and TASTES! Looks like it was a wonderful trip! Happy Thanksgiving dear! If you are in Sicily this spring come over and we can go for a long weekend in Gozo all together! We have found some nice old farmhouses, be such a treat to see you all again!

Lisa said...

I love those Parisian menu boards with all their promise of what's to come.

Emily M. said...

YEAH! so glad to hear you stocked up on the bordier butter! :D it freezes very well. and travels well too--mine went from paris to switzerland to colorado to washington state just fine.

i may or may not be guilty of actually licking the knife after spreading it on. :)

katy said...

I recognize that snack bar in the Tulleries. I sat there with some friends only 6 months ago. Sigh. Living in Europe really has its perks.

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