Sunday: The Volcano

March 29, 2010

On Sunday, we decided to show my mom a very different part of the island. We all bundled up and headed north to Mt. Etna.It never fails to amaze me up there. It feels like we have been transported to an alien world. Yesterday, the Silvestri crater was a very windy and chilly place. Noah scrambled up and over rocks like a champ until he nearly got blown off the top of one and then I made him hold my hand. After that it was time for hot chocolate. Sadly, it wasn't nearly as good as our first cup of Italian hot chocolate, but it was still a nice way to warm up. How was your weekend?
boatbaby said...

I don't think a weekend gets much better than a volcano visit and hot chocolate!

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness! what a study in contrasts between the volcano and the shore.

We climbed the volcano Pacaya when I was a child, and I've never forgotten it!

BTW, have you seen the McElderry greek myths book, their Aesop fables, and also that they have a version of the Brothers Grimm?? The myths one is a wonderful complement to the D'Aulaires, the Aesop one held the kids' attention, but I still have to check out the fairy tale one from the library. (I'd been holding off on fairy tales like you, up to now.) Just thought I'd share!

Theresa said...

Amazing. Oh man, the hot chocolate there. I couldn't believe I was being offered desert for breakfast every day!

DanaB@ Windows Wide Open said...

Wonderful pictures--thanks for sharing with us!


Corinne said...

Can I TELL you how much Xavier would love to climb a volcano???

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