February 28, 2010

Fresh hamantaschen, kid-made groggers, Jewish friends, a creative re-telling of the Story of Queen Esther, and sunny weather all made for a very good Purim.

We also have a new favorite Purim book to share: Raisel's Riddle. Although, it takes place during Purim, it's a book that would be great for all families and throughout the year. It's a creative re-telling of Cinderella with a focus on the importance of learning...instead of a glass slipper it is a riddle that unites the happy couple. Beautifully illustrated and well written without all of the artificial sweetness found in most fairy tales and without the blandness that can sometimes be found in Jewish holiday books. We highly recommend it and we know that it will be a long time favorite in our family.

And while plugging Jewish books, let me also put a plug in for the amazing PJ Library. We have been members of the PJ Library for over a year now and I can not say enough good things about it. As a Jewish military family, we are seldom in locations with large Jewish congregations. This means we have to work a little harder to create opportunities for Jewish learning and community. Prior to PJ Library, we spent a great deal of money purchasing Jewish books. Now, we look forward to receiving two new books or Jewish CDs in the mail each month. The books that are sent to us are selected for the specific ages of our kids. They diverse selection highlight Jewish history, holidays, and folktales and they are FREE. If you are a Jewish family, take some time to visit their site to determine if the program is available in your area (also note,there is a special section for Jewish military families). Thanks to PJ Library for sending us Raisel's Riddle and so many other treasured books.

Happy Purim!
Laurie said...

The story of Esther is truly one of my favorites...glad your celebration was great!

aimee said...

we love PJ library - my kids go running to the mailbox for theirs.
your hamentashen look fabu! happy purim!

Jocelyn said...

I've never heard of the PJ Library; I'm glad to know such a resource exists! You have not failed to teach me something every time I've visited!

Theresa said...

Some of the wisest parenting books I found were written by Jewish mothers.

Susan said...

Just wanted to tell you that I used the hamantaschen recipe you recommended this year...and they are the best I've ever eaten! Had to bring them to the office to get them out of the house so I wouldn't eat them all.

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