February List

February 17, 2010

For Writing: Family Connection Letter Writing Center

For Laughing: That Is Priceless

For Listening: Spilled Milk

For George: And the Pursuit of Happiness

For Eating: Fool-i-ya-baise easy and delicious with a fresh baguette (we usually skip the rouille part and it is still a big hit)

For Collecting: nature journals and a nature museum

For Listing: the perfect and unexpected gift (thank you, Megan!)

For Mamas: Mom 2.0 : Defining a Movement

For Dreaming: family trip of a lifetime wouldn't you love to be there right now? We would.
morninglight mama said...

Love the list, Lucia!! (and alliteration, apparently!!) :)

Oh my, that Masterpiece blog is definitely going in my reader!! Jesus turning water into a hot pocket made me bust a gut! Thanks so much for sharing that, it was much needed right now! :)

Leciawp said...

Great list! Wish you all could be here too - it's an incredible experience. xo

kristin said...

this makes me crave reading time...thanks for a great list

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