Halloween 2009

November 1, 2009

Our first Halloween in Sicily: A mix of Italian and American friends, trick-or-treating on base, eating way too much candy, laughing,trying to stay warm, comparing customs, and ending the evening around the fire pit. Hope you also had a good Halloween night. Signing off from the blog for awhile. We leave for Turkey tomorrow. Very excited to explore Turkey and to be with our friends (we haven't seen them since this trip three years ago).
Mom2Isabel said...

Hope your time in Turkey is wonderful.
Love the idea of the glowing pumpkins. Is it tissue paper or masking tape on the glass?

boatbaby said...

A fire pit! Ahhhh, that sounds delightful! Have a wonderful time in Turkey (how cold you not?). I can't wait to read all about it.

Betty Sleeth said...

We had a very good time in Turkey two years ago. The people are lovey. I hope you are going to Cappadocia...it is magical!

likeschocolate said...

Very cute! Do they have pumpkins in Sicily?

morninglight mama said...

Heading to Turkey just before Thanksgiving, huh?

(woah, that was lame-o!)

Hope the trip is lovely, and glad that you all still had the American fun of begging for candy while in Italy! :)

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful memories you are making in Italy and now Turkey. Have a great time.


holly said...

have a great trip!
@morninglightmama: you are too funny!

trinsch said...

i hope you're having a wonderful trip!

those pumpkin candles are beautiful and glowing.

thank you for visiting my blog :)

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