May 21, 2008

For those in the local area, here are the details for memorial events:

"The Morgan family will hold a Cajun wake for Elemore Sunday, May 25, 2-5 pm at his home on the prairie among rice fields and open sky to fulfill one of his fondest dreams of having his large extended family gather and "cross-collaterally re-communicate." Bring umbrellas, portable chairs, sensible footwear and sunscreen, food, drink, memories and love. This will be a very informal outdoor event. If you would like, bring food that arrives ready to be enjoyed and which will leave little behind besides satisfied smiles.

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art will host a special Ogden After Hours memorial tribute for Elemore on Thursday, May 29th, from 6 to 8 pm. Moderated by Nick Spitzer, Ph.D., host of "American Routes," the event will feature tributes from special guests, as well as a performance by the Packway Handle Band.

In addition to the memorial service, the Ogden Museum will open an exhibition of Elemore's works from its collection on Thursday, May 22nd. Located on the museum's third floor, the exhibition will feature a selection of Elemore's paintings and evocative photographs of Cajun musicians. For further infomation, please visit

If you would like to contribute to the Elemore Morgan, Jr. Memorial Fund, please make checks payable to UL Lafayette Foundation and mail to Office of Development P.O. Drawer 43410 Lafayette, La. 70504 "

And some links from recent articles and websites:
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Thank you for all of the support and kind comments.
Corinne said...

I LOVE the description of the wake. That's exactly what I want for myself when it's my turn - a gathering of people to eat and enjoy each other's company, spending a little time pondering on the good times. It sounds like he has an incredible community of people that will miss him, besides his family.

Weasel said...
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Weasel said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your dad's life.

With the many people that your father has touched and influened in attendance, I hope you find yourself surrounded by love and support, sated with multitudes of stories and shared memories, and filled to the brim with good vittles.

I am thinking of you..

Joie de vivre

Margaret said...

Your Dad was such a special man. I can remember, riding in the back of his old green truck, with all his junk in the back,speeding down those country roads, he always had such interesting stories to tell. I would think, man good thing he knows these roads well, because he sure is going fast, and he keeps looking back at us, telling his story or asking about our day at school - he treated us like equals, despite the fact that we were children - he always seemed as though he really wanted to know our thoughts and opinions.
I remember him chasing down the school bus when yall were running late, determined to get you on that bus, even if he had to follow it all the way to the northside. I remember when he got us into that after party at Mulates after the Paul Simon concert - when we were in high school - I thought, wow, Lucia's Dad knows some big wigs, I can't believe he's getting us into this party!

I feel like I'm a better person for knowing your family - your Mom and Dad, you and Lili, exposed me to people, places and ways of thinking I would have otherwised not experienced and I am grateful. I'll talk to you soon, I've got my mom looking for your phone number.

Laureen said...

Dearest Lucia,
I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet your father at MeiMei's birthday. His strength and gentle spirit were evident from the first moment. What an impact his quiet life has had on so many.
Please know that back here in Jacksonville, we are all thinking of you and lifting you up in thought and prayer.

Much love to you and your whole family,
Laureen and Isabel

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