Winter Celebration

December 2, 2007

One of the things we love most about where we live is our local park, the Walter Jones Historical Park. There's no playground equipment which was a big disappointment to Noah on our first visit. But that disappointment was quickly replaced by excitement about the climbing trees and meandering trails. It is an old family farm complete with restored barn and farm house. Wonderful paths shaded by oaks and magnolias. The paths lead to a walk along the river which is bordered by cypress trees and finally out onto a long dock/walk over the water. There's also a little museum with local history. We come to the park for picnics, bike rides, and sunsets. We saw our first and only (so far) manatee here. And a few times a year the park holds some wonderful festivals. Yesterday was the winter celebration. Highlights included riding the "train" ...rail car (used for working on tracks), playing some of the games children played in the 1800s like Graces, eating smores, weaving, and visiting with friends. Didn't feel very "wintery" thanks to the balmy temperatures (upper 70s), but it certainly was another good day at the park.
Corinne said...

That place sounds great!! I want to go!!

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