Fairy Magic

December 12, 2007

We have been building a lot of fairy houses lately...in our yard, in local parks, and even yesterday in a parking lot. It is something Noah and I have done for awhile, but recently something very exciting happened. The fairies left a thank you note in one of the houses. A tiny scrap of paper rolled up and tied with a blade of grass. Noah discovered the note and ran into the house yelling "they are real! the fairies are real!!". He tucked that note in his pocket and showed it to people throughout the day. Proof of their existence. Confirmation. And suddenly the magic of the fairies has been consuming. He checks the houses daily for more notes or changes that might have occurred over night. He routinely does repairs or new construction. Always thinking of additions...little ponds, soft things for beds, pine needles for rooftops. And over the weekend some fairy treasure was discovered in the backyard...a fairy necklace. I had never seen it before. Which has increased my belief in the fairies. I love building the houses with Noah. I love seeing him so excited. So glad to see he is a believer.
In the midst of our fairy frenzy, we have recently been inspired by this beautiful little film about fairy houses (Thanks, Megan). Which prompted me to start dreaming about visiting this place/festival. How magical!
Ann said...

This is soooo neat. I've never heard of this and had to look at all the links you provided. I think it's such a wonderful thing and how special that Noah got a note from one of the faries!!

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