Week in Review

September 8, 2007

We have had a busy week and are now in the midst of another weekend of labor. Here are snippets from the week:

The Good
Noah started soccer practice and had his first game. He made a goal for his team and had a blast with his teammates. Adam beamed with pride. I reflected upon my new status a soccer mom. Camille tried desperatedly to get on the field. I'll post pics soon.

I got to spend time with our friends and their newborn son, Julian. There isn't much in this world that can compare to holding a newborn, is there? Such a sweet, little warm bundle of love. Good to see our friends enjoying parenthood.

The Not So Good
We volunteered to take care of four year old twins for the next five days while their father visits their mother (one of Adam's co-workers who is currently deployed). We had never spent any time with the boys before they arrived yesterday but we are learning quickly that twins are a lot of work (I am truly in awe of parents of multiples!). They also arrived with what appears to be a nasty stomach bug. One of the boys has been vomiting all day and his car seat was handed to us full of vomit. Needless to say the day has been spent doing laundry, cleaning up vomit, and trying to reassure them that all will be ok (and also trying to reassure ourselves!)

The Funny
Remember all the cleaning we did last weekend in preparation for the military spouses gathering at our house? Well, the last few hours before the event had me in a real panic as I rushed around trying to salvage the house from my monkeys. In a flash of brilliance (which I soon realized was foolishness), I decided to strip the kids down to diaper/underwear and put them outside with a box of popsicles. They couldn't believe their good fortune and neither could I. I was being very productive until they got to their fourth popsicle and decided they were full and also very messy. Camille started pounding on the glass door (which I had already washed three times that day). In addition to eating popsicles they had somehow rubbed dirt all over themselves which had turned their sticky bodies into a grotesque rainbow of mud and sugar. While Camille banged on the door and tried to get into house (I am sure her goal was to rub her body on the newly cleaned white carpet), Noah decided to take matters into his own hand. He used the hose to spray his sister, himself, and everything else in sight. Luckily, my knight in shining scrubs arrived just in time to give them a bath and prevent me from going totally crazy. I am also happy to report the "coffee" went well and the group is off to a strong start. And also happy to say someone else will be hosting next month!
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