My Do It!

September 23, 2007

Camille is very verbal and independent these days which means she spends a lot of time telling us "my do it". She wants to feed herself, dress herself, buckle herself in the car seat, and many other exciting but messy things like change her own diapers. She is quickly learning the fine art of being a little sister. She is a champion wrestler, master tickler, and destroyer of all block/track/lego creations. And she is also learning the art of defense. Another phrase we hear frequently throughout the day is "back away, Noah!" Sometimes this is a warranted statement. Noah loves to surprise her by popping out of hiding places, he likes to growl like a bear, and he likes to twirl her hair (she doesn't like any of these things). Other times her shouts are preemptive and prompted by a fear that Noah will try to take her food/toy/book away. The funniest thing to me about her increased verbal abilities is the sound of her voice. I wish I could put a snippet of it on here. Her voice is husky and deep. In addition to her assertive statements, Camille has started singing. She loves to sing Raffi's "Baby Beluga" (also one of her favorite books right now). She sings this song in loud,husky, mournful tones as she wanders around the house with a baby in her arms. She's growing up. Growing up so quickly.
Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

So cute! Lauren loves for me to sing Baby was also one of Aidan's favorites as a baby. I love the thought of Camille trying to change her own diapers!

Ann said...

so so cute. you could video tape it and put the video up for all of us to hear!!

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