Day Four

September 10, 2007

The fourth day of life with multiples (essentially 4 year old triplets) and my admiration for parents of multiples continues to grow! Here are a few things I've learned or experienced:

  • I never expected to hear myself saying: " Remove the rake from your nose"

  • I didn't realize how quickly a pair of scissors can be used to cut all of the fingers off our winter gloves (now I know).

  • Taking a gang of four year olds for a walk in the neighborhood is like herding cats.

  • Trying to use a public restroom with three (active and curious) four year olds and a toddler is nearly impossible.

  • When taking boys to the zoo, be sure they keep all body parts behind the bars. Adam learned this lesson yesterday when he bravely took the boys to the zoo and one of the twins nearly had his hand nibbled off by a hungry giraffe.

  • Identical twins are really identical and hard to pick apart when removing them from the tub. We have had several moments of confusion and Noah still asks them "which one are you?".

  • I have now started having a glass of wine at dinner instead of my usual glass of milk.
Ann said...

LOL!! You sure have your hands full..and enjoy that wine you deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

OMG. Good luck. Hope you maintain your sanity during this time.


Mom said...

I know it's not funny, but I found myself first smiling, then laughing, as I read your blog!! Especially when you wrote about having wine instead of milk!

Love, Mom

Weasel said...

You did survive, and BRAVO! Wine, milk, Ketamine...whatever works. Thanks for sharing. Nisha

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