Leslie Saves The Day!

November 5, 2006

We were very lucky to have a special visit last week from one of the best organizers on the planet and one of my closest friends, Leslie. She called and said she was going to be in town for business. I was ofcourse thrilled to hear from her but warned her about our current state of chaos and illness (nasty stomach bug that won't disappear!). This didn't faze her and being an energetic wonder woman she swooped in and in just a few hours had our garage organized and ready for a garage sale AND she started to organize our kitchen cupboards. Thanks to Leslie we got rid of a lot more stuff than we had originally thought to part with and we ended up making $600 from our little garage sale!!!! The best part of the visit was just hanging out and getting to see Leslie with the kids. I think Noah has a crush on her....saying "I love you, Leslie", showing off for her all day, and not wanting her to leave. She and Noah share the same birthday so perhaps that is part of their special connection. Leslie, Thank you for helping us clear out space in the garage, giving me hope that this state of chaos is starting to come to an end, and for being such good friend for all of these years. We love you and hope we see you again soon!
Jessica said...

Wow, what a friend!!! I'm wondering how you had that much excess stuff. Didn't you slim down before moving from Okinawa??? ;)

Michelle said...

Hi~ Thanks for visiting my blog! I have actually been "lurking" on your blog for awhile(found it through another blog), but have been a little shy to comment because you have no idea who I am. Now you have visited my blog and you know a little about me, so I can comment away! :)

Ann said...

Wow sounds like you guys had a good day and made some money out of it too.

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