Caught with Fruity Booty

November 17, 2006

I found Camille this morning hiding under a table eating her new favorite snack, Fruity Booty (that is really the name and there's also Veggie Booty, Pirate Booty...all very tasty from the health food store). And here are couple of shots showing how close Camille is to walking. I have a hunch the first time she walks it will be for food...she loves to eat!

Our kitchen is almost done (I will post final photos soon) and just in time because tomorrow we have our post-placement visit for our adoption. Today and tomorrow we'll be busy trying to finish unpacking the kitchen and getting ready for the visit. And my sister and parents will be here next week for Thanksiving...hooray!

Ann said...

I love her cute little smile. Good luck tomorrow. You won't really need it, Lisa is super nice. Tell her I said hello and Where's my baby!!!

The Solley Five said...

Camille- just when you think she can't get any cuter...then she is. It will be such a fun family holiday! Happy new kitchen and happy follow-up meeting and happy turkey day!! Billie and Jackson want to know what food is Noah sneaking into these days?

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