Birthday Celebration

November 7, 2006

Happy First Birthday, Camille!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Camille!!! She's so darn cute. Hope she had a wonderful Day.

The Hughes said...

She is absolutly adorable! Happy first birthday baby!!!!Best wishes from the Hughes family. (Landon is singing happy birthday now :))


The Solley Five said...

a garage sale and happy birthday- this made me cry. i need to check your blog more often. i made the kids take their candy bags to the toy shop and trade their loot for booty of an in-edible sort. it worked- no more tootsie rolls in our house....something just had to be done!

rie said...

Happy birthday!!!
Wow, Camille's birthday is the same as my grandma. My grandma was very beautiful and I'm sure Camille would be!
How cute her smiling face is.
We can know how you love her and grow her gently.
Hope she'll have a brighter future with a lovely family ♪
         Rie from Japan

Kari Christopher said...

Adam and Lucia,

I am so happy for your family - Camille is so beautiful and I think of you all often. Livia also celebrated her first birthday on October 12th - I can relate to a lot of your feelings with the second and a girl...and Kellen fully understands the Halloween candy concept also.. ugg!

take care
Kari and family

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