Moving Day

June 26, 2006

The movers came yesterday to load up most of our stuff. The house is pretty empty now and it actually feels nice to have a clutter free environment. Camille likes having more space to roll and scoot around (moving backwards on her belly...getting close to crawling, yikes!) And Noah loves the echo in the rooms. My mom was a HUGE help in getting through the move and we couldn't have gotten through it so smoothly without her here.

We had heard good things about the Japanese movers but to see them in action is pretty amazing. They are quick, strong, and very thorough. All of our stuff is now packed into wooden crates and getting ready to board a ship bound for the States and scheduled to arrive in Jacksonville in early September. We are scheduled to leave Okinawa in mid-August. It is now becoming very real. I find myself in a that liminal state between two places...starting to get sad about leaving this beautiful island and starting to imgine life in a new part of the world.
Ann said...

Moving is always so bittersweet. My Dad was Navy so we also moved every 3 years. You're excited about what lies ahead, but sad to leave behind all that you've learned. We're excited to be getting you here in Jax though.

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