Beach time

June 26, 2006

This week is the annual Gutekunst (my mom's family) beach trip to Navarre Beach, Florida. Our family has been making this yearly pilgrimage for over thirty years. It is a wild and wonderful beach trip that knits us closer as a family and it is one of my favorite experiences in the whole world. I can't wait to share this special beach tradition with my kids next year. To all the Gutekunst family members at the beach this year...catch some good waves for us, enjoy the sunsets, and mark us down for next year!

Since we haven't been able to take part in the Navarre trip, we have made up for beach time by exploring Okinawa's beautiful beaches. We will really miss the Okinawa beaches . Here are some photos from our favorite Okinawa beach adventures.
Ann said...

That water looks so clean and clear, I'm sure you will miss it.

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