The Art of Family

April 9, 2006

One of the hard parts of being so far from home is missing out on big family events and this past week has been a very eventful one for the Morgan family. This week three generations of the Morgan family were recognized for their artistic endeavors. The Ogden Museum of Southern Art hosted a large retrospective exhibit of my grandfather's (Elemore Morgan, Sr) and my father's work(Elemore Morgan, Jr). My sister, Emee, also had an exhibit open this week as part of her senior project at the Episcopal School of Acadiana. She seems to have inherited the Morgan/Gutekunst gift for creating art and we are very proud of her.

Growing up in such a creative and artistic family was truly an adventure...lots of visits to galleries, museums, lots of time and space for creating whatever appealed to us....turning a chicken coop into a hideout, painting, drawing, running free in the Louisiana fields, dancing under tattooed walls at Festival International de Louisiane. My parents taught us how to appreciate the world around us, make the most of every moment, and to value family and friends. I hope that I can provide Noah and Camille with similar moments of magic, creativity, and adventure as my parents did for us. And who knows perhaps they will become the fourth generation of Morgan artists!

To learn more about the current Morgan exhibit click on the link for the Ogden Museum of Sothern Art or the Arthur Roger Gallery link in the links section.

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