100 Wishes Quilt Update

April 11, 2006

A big thank you to everyone who has sent us wishes and fabric for Camille's special quilt. It has been so much fun to receive these beautiful little packages from all over the world filled with kind words and good wishes for Camille. We have close to 50 pieces for her quilt and would love to make it all the way to 100. Initially we had hoped to have all of the pieces by the end of February before Camille came home, but we are much happier to have Camille home earlier than expected. So if you would like to send in a piece of fabric and a wish for her, please do so! You can read more about the quilt in the January entry (scroll through the archives on the side of the screen).

Cousin RA said...

I bet you won't start working on that quilt until they're both in school fulltime and then won't finish it until they're both away at college! But that's just fine. Better to enjoy their childhood while you can - you'll have lots of time for crafts later on. I plan to finish Sharon's size 2 embroidered dress any day now.
Love, Rona Ann

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