November List

November 16, 2014

For Addictive Podcasting: Serial
For Binge Watching: Transparent (and this interview with Jill Soloway)
For Kinectic Awe: Strandbeest and Theo Jansen
For National Adoption Month: Flip The Script
For Thanksgiving: my favorite stuffing recipe
For Creating: hand-made gift ideas
For New Orleans Scenes and A Catchy Tune: Littlest Birds
For Playing: Qwirkle
For A Taste of Home: speed traps and Turducken
For Watching: I Am Eleven 
For Traveling: Through a Lens Sharply
likeschocolate said...

The flip the script is really food for thought. I have my script tat we have for our daughter, but maybe the point of this video is that the script may need to change or thought about carefully in order not to hurt the child. Open dialogue is what I am hearing. Confusing at the same time because do you tell your child the truth of why they were left. Husband just came in the room and we were talking about this and the hope is we can allow our daughter to talk freely without judgement and not take it personally. Thanks for sharing.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Yes, lots of food for thought there. Their voices/their stories are vital for a full discussion on adoption and I want to live in a world and a home where all perspectives are heard and valued. Not always easy, but so important.

boatbaby said...

Love the lists! It's always awesome to get the shared scoop from a like minded person. :)

Juniper said...

I enjoy a good list, and yours always are full of great tidbits. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to checking out your links!

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