November 4, 2014

Breezy beach, sandy discoveries, and boat friends. We had a fabulous time yesterday with Cindy and her crew.  So nice to finally meet after all these years of "knowing" each other via the blogging world. It's always a surreal experience when these meet-ups happen. Immediately prior to the meeting, my gut is filled with a bubbling concoction of giddiness and anxiety. What if it is feels weird? What if we don't get along? What if? What if? And yet, as soon as I meet that blogging friend in real life, it all just feels so comfortable and right.

Yesterday was no exception. Cindy was just as a warm and witty in real life as she is in her writing. Her children are full of life, curiosity, and charm. And her boat world is just as enchanting and interesting as I have always thought it would be.

As I was driving home after our day together, I kept thinking about this process of getting to know people through blogging prior to ever meeting them in real life. I've come to the conclusion that it is the modern version of a pen pal...learning about a person through what they share in words and photos, being able to respond immediately through comments or direct e-mails for a more personal exchange, and yet never knowing what their voice sounds like or how tall they are. Blogging has created connections and friendships that I never could have anticipated and with our nomadic lifestyle that on-line community has been such a source of comfort and support.And happily, each time I have had the opportunity to meet a blog friend in-person it's been a good experience: Karen in Sicily, Juniper in Malta, Jean in Asheville, Wendy who is constantly on the move, and now Cindy on the water. Makes me wish I had kept up with my childhood pen pals in Japan!
Juniper said...

Was really a treat to meet you and your family in Malta, I hope somewhere somehow we can meet again in person. I agree very much with how you describe this experience, of getting to know people through the 'blog world' , I stepped away for some months and have really missed it and so many of the shared adventures. Catching up now.

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