August 2, 2013

 A land of bright colors, high mountains, hard working people, strange animals, amazing fruit, dusty streets, intense hospitality, awe-inspiring ruins, bulls on rooftops, and glorious ceviche. 

Camille was a serious little trooper and ended climbing more ruins than we ever thought possible! We enjoyed the time with just the three of us, but we also kept commenting on how much Noah would have enjoyed Peru, so we are already dreaming of a return trip. Actually, it's a place that deserves several return trips. Not only is there so much to still see and sample, there is also a great need and that touched all of us in striking ways. Similar to our time in Thailand, the beautiful bits are tightly woven in with the sad bits.
karla said...

sounds very cool, Lucia! Glad you had a great trip.

likeschocolate said...

I hope you do get to return! Looks lovely!

Dawn Suzette said...

Everyone I know that has gone to Peru has fallen in love.
Hope you do have several return trips!

boatbaby said...

You know my dad is from Peru and all of my family is there?! Have a fabulous trip! I can't wait to see all of your photos!

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