Summer Camp

July 10, 2013

Noah left for summer camp today. His first sleep-away summer camp. Three and half weeks in rural Mississippi. It's a big milestone. 

Everything was neatly labeled, bagged, and crammed into three bags, but I have a hunch it won't come back that way. And that's ok. As long as he has more fun than I did during my miserable week at 4-H  summer camp and as long as he comes back in one piece, I will be happy.

 It's funny how camp can be such a defining and unifying experience for some people. I always get a bit jealous when I listen to Adam's camp stories or listen to him singing Jewish camp songs with strangers who didn't even go to the same camp and yet they still share a common lyrical bond. We all have a good feeling about Jacobs Camp since we did their Winter Family camp this past December, but it still has me reeling a bit. My baby monkey boy heading off on his own for a big chunk of time.

His departure day had a bit of a rocky start which didn't help to soothe the nervous energy that was already descending and swirling around us. I took the kids out for a celebratory/good-bye breakfast and when we exited the pancake house, we couldn't find the van. Turns out we parked in the wrong spot.Thank goodness, I hadn't already loaded his camp luggage, because they towed the van to a different city and we weren't able to pick it up until this evening! 

Happily, we made it to the airport on time,we had a nice visit with the other camp family who is flying down with Noah, and a few hours later we got confirmation of their arrival. The adventure has begun!

And speaking of camp, here is a little camp list:

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Have any good camp stories or links? Please share!
Dana said...

Wow! That's a long time for him to be away!
I went to 4-H overnight camp too, but I don't have bad memories of it. My neice went to the same one this summer.

My sister and I both worked as counselors at resident camps in Louisiana.. I spent a fun summer at Camp Marydale near St. Francisville while she worked for Camp Abbey in Covington. Her daughter attended the camp last summer.I sure hope my daughter gets the resident camp experience one summer, even if not in Louisiana. My husband, never a camp attendee, doesn't quite understand it.

Have you heard the TAL episode about summer camp? Good stuff!


Sorry to hear about the van!


Anonymous said...

“It's funny how camp can be such a defining and unifying experience for some people.” – Indeed! It’s a milestone for our kids to be going out there independently with other kids. I'm sure there would be some anxious moments, but it's part of growing up. It can be a difficult transition for some parents, but it’s comforting to know that our children are learning and having fun at the same time.

Lee Hardy

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