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July 2, 2013

Playdough Cookies

It's our first full summer back in the States with school aged kids and I am trying to figure it out. The norm around here seems to be to sign kids up for multiple day camps. Don't get me wrong some of them are really cool....lego robotics, nature camps, art camps....seriously, the choices are overwhelming AND expensive. Not only were my kids not clamoring to sign up for anything, I wasn't either. I love summers with the kids. I love lazy mornings, spontaneous adventures, and piles of books. And I just can't wrap my mind around having them in structured activities every day or the chauffeuring that comes with that. We have some big things are on the horizon for summer plans, but for right now we are staying pretty close to home and doing our own little version of "camp"

In addition to fun outings like Elizabeth Mitchell at Wolftrap and butterflies at the Natural History Museum, we have also been having some home-ec training sessions. Yesterday Noah learned how to make Ramen noodle soup for himself. Today the kids worked together to make banana bread. A few days ago we had a big class on proper bathroom cleaning techniques and surprisingly they ate it up (we'll see how long that enthusiasm lasts). Noah has assumed laundry duties and Camille has upped her dish duty. I am relishing the extra help and happily there hasn't been much whining. So far home camp has been a good thing for all of us. 
likeschocolate said...

While camps can be fun, I think there are so many fun things to be done at home. I like the idea of teaching how to clean the toilet.

sarab said...

I totally agree that a summer at home is one of the best things around. There's nothing like the combination of laziness, inventiveness brought on by boredom, and the ability to have spontaneous adventures. We don't do many camps either, though it is also the norm here. Speaking of Wolftrap, I wanted to make sure you knew about this:


Korum also has a day off in DC on the 19th which is his birthday. Any suggestions on what to do with one unscheduled day in the city? He'd love to spend the day at a museum but is overwhelmed by the choices.

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