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June 8, 2013

New York City Street Art

New Museum: enjoyed the the amazing roof views more than the works on display

Museum of Modern Art:  great gallery tour with Deborah Goldberg and Oldenburg exhibits

Rain Room: the line was too long, but we really wanted to do this.

MoMA Sculpture Garden: a nice city respite

The High Line: one of NYC's best creations. romantic to walk it at night just before closing

Blue Star Museums: saved us nearly $100 on museum entrance fees. THANK YOU.

Liz Christy Community Garden: the first guerilla garden in NYC. a thriving and inspiring oasis. 

Yums the Word: marking our calendars to do this in the future

Sarah Perlis: fabulous, friendly jewelry designer with a lovely studio space

Sing For Hope: loved seeing and hearing these pianos around the city

The Moth: after several years of devoted podcast listening, we finally made it to a story slam and we ended up being judges!!

Dana said...

Wow. You guys get around! My family would stand in protest if I even suggested this much fun. LOL. Once again, thanks for the great tips, Lucia.


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Dana, we did all of these things sans kids (thanks to my very sweet in-laws!). Our time in NYC with kids would have resulted in a very different list :) We didn't arrive with any plans or reservations and just spent our days walking and stumbling upon things. It really was wonderful. It's a great city!

Dana said...

I downloaded the book you recommended on my iPad. I'm afraid I have to plan a little bc my knack for stumbling open things in a place like NY is not so good.

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