First Of The Season

June 13, 2013

Two nights ago: the first of the cherry tomatoes (both sungold and sweet 100). One night ago: the first fireflies of the season. Yesterday afternoon the first release of butterflies we have been raising: three pretty painted ladies. And last night: the first sighting of a brand new baby bunny. The kids promptly named him/her Bob. 

Bob is so tiny that at first I thought it was a guinea pig and that he had come to join the wildlife menagerie in our yard. In fact, it made me giggle. A large rabbit hopping circles around a guinea made me think about all of those crazy little pairs that happen when nature and nurture collide: friendships between a turtle and a hippo, a mama dog and a ferret, etc. But a second later, two itty bitty ears popped up and Bob hopped into a patch of clover. And suddenly we were all in love.

It amazes me that our little sliver of a yard in downtown Bethesda is such a hub for so many creatures. We have lots of squirrels (brown, black, and even one albino squirrel), lots of birds including a lovely cardinal couple, some early butterflies, and lots of bunnies. Lots of bunnies. As a gardener, I occasionally get annoyed with their nibbling, but in general they entertain all of us with their playful antics and their close proximity. Seriously, we nearly trip over them on a regular basis. They lounge on their bellies like puppies near the back door. They leap frog over each other in daily afternoon romp sessions. And now they have shared Bob with us who is the cutest thing we have ever seen. Lets just hope he doesn't develop a taste for tomatoes!
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