Section 60

March 22, 2013

When we made our Veteran's Day visit to Arlington Cemetary, we went with a specific purpose in mind. We were seeking this brave soldier of kindness. Upon first arriving, we looked up his name and were told he was in Section 60. We had no idea what or where Section 60 was, but as we got closer it quickly became clear that there was a very different feeling in this section of Arlington. Unlike the stark orderliness of the older sections, 60 is heartbreakingly packed with photos, flowers, children's drawings, bottles of beer, and offerings of favorite foods. 

Section 60 is where the most recent losses are gathered. It is pulsing with grief, love, pride, anger, and memories, lots of memories. I recently came across the HBO documentary of Section 60. The documentary is good, but if you happen to find yourself at Arlington any time in the near future, take the extra time to find Section 60. Every American should visit Section 60.

Lisa said...

I cried when I read your post. Memorial sites where family members have been leaving behind tokens of love always cut me to the core. I sobbed the first time that I saw the Vietnam Memorial even though I'm not American and have no connection to the war at all - just so much sadness and loss on display. Visiting Section 60 at Arlington must have been heartbreaking.

Circe said...

We will definitely visit that section! Hey, aren't you friends with some of my adoption friends? I have visited your blog before. It's great! :)

likeschocolate said...

I have been to Arlington, but haven't seem this section. Can't wait to see the documentary. Thanks for sharing! I love how you soak in every part of each city you go too.

Mary {The World Is A Book} said...

This is simply heartbreaking. We were at Arlington last October but we didn't know about this section. I'm sure I wouldn't have made it past the first grave before crying. These are really personal and those pictures alone bring tears ti my eyes. I will definitely look for this on our next visit and for the documentary.

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