Summer Camp

September 20, 2012

Remember how I wanted to go to summer camp? Well, guess what? I am doing it. My bags are packed, the car snacks are ready, and the GPS has been set. Yes, I know the nights are getting chillier and a few leaves are even starting to fall, but actually the timing is perfect since I couldn't really drop everything and everyone during the height of summer. Now that school has started and daily routines have become a bit more solid, I am ready for some Blue Lily "camping"! Be back soon.
Emily M. said...

Oh, have fun! I have been eyeing some Blue Lily workshops myself, so I hope you report back about how it was! I personally think this is the perfect time of year for camp anyway--fall is just so gorgeous.
Totally unrelated, I have been meaning to tell you for ages that when you make it out to the west coast you need to put Lava Beds National Monument in N. CA on your list of places to visit. Maybe you've heard of it, but if not, it is out in the desert and covered with hundreds of lava caves which you can explore without a guide. We went there this summer, and while we were there your family came to mind. Seems like a place that's right up your alley!

likeschocolate said...

Can I just say I am totally jealous! Have a great time!

Dana said...

Jealous. Can u convince them to come to Italy, please.

Corinne said...

I was WONDERING about your trip to PA - this is SO fantastic! I am thrilled for you! Beyond thrilled. I can't wait to read all about your experience. I have been a fan of bluelily for several years - both their photography and their wonderful blog :)

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