Summer Camp Report

September 23, 2012

Summer is now officially over and sadly, so is summer camp.  My mind is spinning with all of the information that I am still trying to absorb and process. My fingers are itching to get to work on my homework. My body is detoxing from all of the chocolate I consumed. And my spirits are high thanks to the camaraderie and new friendships.

 It was so much better than my miserable week at 4-H camp as a kid. 

Wendy and Tyler rock. Their kids are amazing. And I am so glad I went. 
Amie Long said...

Lucia, so nice to meet you this weekend, and now I have a new blog to follow! I'm also so excited to start working on our homework. I actually got a great shot of Carter yesterday using the "Lucia" shade, eyes towards the light, focusing on the eye closest to me, etc. :) Hope our paths cross again soon!

likeschocolate said...

I am glad you had an amazing time.

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