The Perfect Summer Breakfast

July 7, 2011

Almond and Gelsi (Mulberry) Granita, Catania, Sicily

We have returned to Sicily with all of her summer goodness...sunny beach days, cool nights, and granita (with or without a brioche) for breakfast. We are also happy to have several different family members visiting us this month which means we'll have many opportunities to indulge in all of our favorite Sicilian treats and hopefully discover some new favorites, too. Although it really will be hard to beat a good granita on a summery Sicilian morning. Are you finding some good ways to stay cool and savor summer? Hope to get back to posting on a more regular basis now that we are back home.
Emily said...

Welcome back! I've missed you, Lucia!

boatbaby said...

I was just thinking about you tonight. :) And here you are! I'll take one of those granitas to go please. Seriously, posting that is just plain mean.

Juniper said...

Welcome back!! My oh my that granita looks amazing!!! Wish we could find something like that here!!! Enjoy your visitors, it is always a good reminder of the finer sides of our everyday life in the Mediterranean.

Annie said...

Welcome back! I hope that your trip was good and that everything went well!

Dawn said...

Oh... this does look just too good.
We have been lovin' local strawberries... yummy.
Welcome home.

jann said...

I'm also in the granita habit (limone or gelsi)--with the brioche. There's nothing better at 7am in this heat, but I have a new little paunch, ugh.

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