Mammoth Seed Love

September 21, 2010

We planted mammoth sunflowers in our back yard this summer and they were stunning. Bright, yellow, and towering over our fence like sunny beacons. Their petals fell off over several weeks ago but I couldn't bring myself to cut them down because the birds and the bees were so happy with them. This morning I finally cut them down and as much as I love their yellow beauty, I actually kind of think all of the seeds in center of the heads are pretty darn cool (and heavy, too). It's amazing to realize what can grow from just one tiny seed. Want to read even more cool stuff about seeds? Skip over to The Magnifying Glass and see what Dawn just posted.
likeschocolate said...

I can only imagine how lovely they were. I love sunflowers!

Dawn Suzette said...

That is so super huge. Love this shot of your little lady... so sweet with that huge flower head.
Sunflowers are high on our list for next year. Fionna might just build a fence 20 ft high to keep those deer away :)

Cami said...


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