Catching Up

September 5, 2010

Wow! Finally taking a moment to catch my breath from the past two weeks which were overflowing with adventures, errands, new friends, risks, transitions, triumphs and one burnt chocolate cake. Our lazy summer days came to a screeching halt with the introduction of theatre rehearsals (Noah), soccer (Noah and Camille), and the start of school (Noah). Noah took a big risk and decided to audition for the Missoula Children's Theatre production of Pinocchio. In typical Noah fashion, he grumbled and worried about even trying out for a part. When he got a part as a toy soldier, he smiled momentarily and then informed me that he only intended to do the rehearsals and not actually get up on stage. On the morning of the first rehearsal day, he woke me up at 6 am. He had made himself breakfast, gotten dressed and was ready for me to drive him to rehearsal...which wasn't for another 4 hours! At the end of the first day of rehearsal, he announced at dinner that he had a surprise for us and we would have to wait until Friday night to see what it was. Turns out he had been given a special toy soldier role in the play. We were proud of how he did, but in many ways I was even prouder of him for taking that initial risk to try out for something that he had never done before. Have you ever attended a Missoula Children's Theatre production? It's a pretty amazing thing. Two actors arrive on Monday with bags full of costumes, props, scripts, and the scenery. On that first day they hold auditions for school-age kids followed by several days of intense rehearsals. At the end of the week they have a public performance. If you get a chance to see one of their productions, do it. In addition to enjoying the show, we also had the pleasure of hosting one of the actors. She was a fabulous house guest and it was fun to show her a bit of Sicily. And Camille, who wouldn't get in the water at the start of the summer, is now an amazing little swimmer. I am so impressed by how hard she has worked this summer during her swim lessons and during the times we have just been hanging out by the pool. She also started soccer this week and loves it. In the midst of four year old soccer chaos, she was laughing, running, and kicking with the best of them. Our kids have accomplished some pretty amazing things this summer. As adults, taking risks usually means starting a new career or trying a new recipes. When I stop and really think about the milestones that kids tackle, they are pretty monumental risks...from crawling to walking to eventually swimming and horseback riding; entering a new school full of strange faces; auditioning and getting on stage for the first time. Those are big things. So please forgive the lack of blogging. We are alive and well and just caught up in the momentary frenzy of finishing up summer,sponsoring a family new to Sicily, starting the school year, and watching big things happen.
Mom said...

What a lovely blog. A lesson to all of us to have the courage to try new things, practice new skills and enjoy the process. We too are very proud of Noah and Camille. Hope you have a chance to catch your breath and enjoy the holidays.

The Hays Family said...

Nice to hear from you and catch up with your lives. Quantico had MCT come for the first time last year and Russell had his debut with "Cinderella" and was in "The Jungle Book" this year. I hope we're somewhere where MCT travels when Emily is old enough--she was born for the stage. It really is a great program and what they accomplish in a week is truly amazing. We're getting ready for school this week and have had a good summer of swimming with a few trips to D.C. as well. Both are starting soccer, too, and Elsa is looking forward to her tot gym. So, the Hays clan is keeping busy as always.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Noah and Camille. Awesome job!


Anonymous said...

So true what you say about how monumental some of the skills our children learn really are! I hadnt thought of it quite like that until I read your post. How awaesome it is to be witness to them :)

shelly said...

So glad Noah and Camille are having great times! We are lucky to have a children's theatre company here and Ella was in 'summer' camp with them the last two years. She really loved it...was 'bashful' in Snow White this summer.

Molly said...

I have been following your blog for a bit but wanted to let you know that my kids were in Pinocchio here in Germany the week before they went to Italy. What a fabulous company! The two women who ran the program were amazing (how lucky for you that one stayed with you!) and I can't believe what they can do in one week time with all different age kids! I am so glad to see that you got to enjoy them too!

I haven't been on your blog for a bit but I will catch up as I read it for tips when we travel!

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