Girls and Boys

August 23, 2010

I listened to this conversation in the car last week:

Noah: Camille, do you know what a girly-girl is?
Camille: No, what's that?
Noah: A girl who likes Barbies.
Camille: I don't like Barbies. I only like mermaids.
Noah: And it's a girl that doesn't like to get dirty. I only know one girly-girl and she drives me crazy. ( He names a girl from last year's class)
Camille: I am not a girly-girl. (long pause) But are you a boyly-boy, Noah?

Noah groaned. I laughed. And Camille continued to sincerely ask about "boyly-boys". And I have to admit it is a good question. Why do we have the phrase girly-girl and not boyly-boy?
Tara said...

Love it!!!! From the mother of a 3-year-old girl who wanted a fire truck for her birthday because she is going to be a fire fighter when she grows up.
Tara B.

se7en said...

Well then there is that word boy-strous... but their is no word for "girl-strous"... trust me with five boys and three girls we have often wondered about this!!!

likeschocolate said...

What a sweet conversation! I am glad you over heard it.

morninglight mama said...

That's fabulous and so perfectly logical!

Emily said...

ha!!! LOVE it!

Cami said...

Awesome. I guess boys wait until they are manly-men.

Anonymous said...

hehe love little conversations like this between children so amusing and still grappling with societal stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

I think you call it 'all-boy' which then brings up the question: "If not all-boy, then what is he?"


Bev said...

Love this! Great question.

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