Home Again

January 17, 2010

It was a hard trip, the kind you never want to think about making, but a good one. Some crying, some remembering, some closet cleaning, some laughing, some good southern food, and some singing (I taught the girls some camp songs that I am sorry to say will probably drive Jill crazy over the next few weeks!). Jill and I have known each other for nearly nineteen years. We met on our first day at Mary Baldwin College. We have celebrated marriages, babies, careers and other good milestones together. And we have also been there during hard times for each other. She was there during my dad's last week of life. And now this. There is a lot to be said for so much history together. Makes me very grateful for our friendship and so glad that I was able to make the trip.

Actually the whole trip filled me up with gratitude. Seeing how so many have reached out to Jill and her family. Being surrounded by reminders of Flip and his love for Jill and their girls, his dedication, and his fun-loving spirit. Realizing how lucky I am to be returning home to an amazing husband, two wonderful kids, loyal friends, a house full of books, and a garden full of lettuce ready for picking. Gratitude is a good thing.
Mom said...

Glad to hear you are home, safe and sound. Yes, gratitude is a wonderful thing.

Stacy Kadesh said...

Glad you are back! I really miss your posts when you are gone. It has become part of my daily routine. Thank you for being so generous with your thoughts.

I am so glad you could be there for your friends. I can only imagine how grateful they are and how much it helped to have you there.

Laurie said...

You are right- gratitude is a good thing, and there is MUCH to be said for a long history of friendship. I am spending this weekend with MY first college friend, and it IS something very unique. BTW - we are about to have the book club anniversary meeting - we want to Skype our founder in! :-)

Lost in Sicily said...

Welcome home! Glad you could make this important trip. Thanks for the important reminders about gratitude.

Juniper said...

welcome back, sounds like it was a very hard but meaningful trip.
Gratitude, yes such an important yet often passed over feeling. Your post is a good reminder right now, especially in these day hearing so many stories of what people have been suffering through in Haiti.

Emily said...

Welcome back!

Mom2Isabel said...

My reading this morning was on gratitude. Such an important thing to remember to cultivate.

Interestingly enough, my college roommate has been living with us as she goes through the ramifications of losing her marriage, house and job.

It's so easy to take what we have for granted... or worse, as some sort of entitlement. SAdly, for me, it often takes some form of loss for me to wake up to all that I have (and so frequently take for granted).

So glad you were able to be there for each other. There is nothing like years of history between friends.

Glad you are back.

Emily said...

i'm glad you had a "good" trip, despite the tragic reason behind it. friendships like that are one in a million. welcome home!

Corinne said...

I'm so glad you were able to go and that you found so many things to be grateful for. I'm sure having you there was SUCH a comfort

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