Changes Ahead

July 26, 2009

We aren't the only ones in transition these days. We have been finding lots of caterpillars lately. Monarch (above) and Black Swallowtail (below).
Mom2Isabel said...

Awesome pictures!!
I am so going to miss you, my friend.
Looking forward to getting together this week.

morninglight mama said...

Oh my lord- those are some amazing pictures!! You have GOT to know that I am insanely jealous! :)

Tisra said...

Stunning photographs and caterpillars! We NEVER find anything other than moth caterpillars here.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...


Tisra, if you plant dill or fennel you will get Black Swallowtails and if you plant Milkweed you will get Monarchs. Pretty impressive to see them gobble up whole plants in just a few days, but even more impressive to see them turn into butterflies. The fennel was in our yard and the milkweed was in a friend's yard. See what other plants are good hosts for butterflies in your area.

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