Officially Two

November 9, 2007

Camille turned two on Wednesday. Hard to believe our sweet Mei-Mei is so big. Just seems like yesterday when we saw those first pictures of her, just yesterday when she was placed in my arms peering up at me with her big brown eyes, just yesterday when she started walking. I know that "time flies" by quickly with kids. It seemed when I was pregnant with Noah everyone told me that and I didn't really "get" it until he arrived. And now with Camille time seems to fly by even more quickly. Birthdays are such a defining marker of time. A time for celebration and reflection. With Camille's birthday I always feel a little sad.I always think about her birth family on this day.

To celebrate her actual birthday, we planned on bringing doughnut holes to her class. Unfortunately this family tradition has grown to include auto accidents. Last year for Noah's birthday, Adam and his mom were rear ended while bringing donuts to school. Well, this time it was me. It was a busy morning and after loading everyone up I was focused on remembering to stop by Krispy Kreme. I should have been focused on driving because I ended up backing out of our garage and hitting Adam's car. Not too badly, but enough to feel very stupid! Happily after that the day went well. Camille had fun with her classmates...digging in the school garden, eating doughnuts, singing songs. I hope that this will be the year of the "terrific twos"! A year of exploration, laughter, and not too many tantrums!
Mom said...

What a birthday tradition....accidents and donuts!
Glad it was only minor. Time really does seem to fly by!

Ann said...

Maybe you should try Dunkin' donuts and see if that help!!!

Happy Happy B-day Miss Camille!!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday! She sure looks happy!

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