November 13, 2007

What's up with the fortunes in the cookies lately? Here'a few we got with a recent Chinese meal:

"Next time you should get the shrimp"

"It is not the strong but the responsive that survive".

Those aren't fortunes. Who's writing these? I used to think that writing fortunes would be a fun job (same with naming paint and fingernail polish) and it seems like they are now sorely in need of fortune writers. I think the batch we got was written by someone who was depressed and I guess fortune writers don't get paid a ton of money so perhaps there is a good reason for the depressed tone of the messages. But what happened to those fortunes of the past (or perhaps our local restaurant should change fortune cookie companies)? The ones that predicted travel, news, handsome strangers, and on a very good day...good fortune in the near future. Or perhaps we truly get the fortunes we deserve and I really should order the shrimp next time.
Corinne said...

Lame, I agree. I want the juicy stuff that's going to predict my future, you know?

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