Summer Treasures

August 31, 2007

We have a little collection of treasures growing on our kitchen table. It started with an amazing starfish that Nana sent us from her beach trip.Then a postcard of New York City from Grandpa. Noah studies that postcard of skyscrapers every morning during breakfast and tries to figure out how many cars are in New York City. Then yesterday we found a beautiful butterfly dead, but perfectly intact on our driveway. Summer is a good time for collecting things, isn't it?
The Solley Five said...

you are like a daily blogger. how do you have thoughts for that? i don't think i have enough time to think.
you're my morning op-ed.

shelley said...

I have an avid collector at our house. She loves to find treasures in the most unusual places.

Ann said...

Those pictures are really neat. I love the starfish and butterfly together

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