Shopping Carts

August 26, 2007

Are there any good shopping carts in the world? If so, why do I always get the bad ones? You know the one with the wobbly,loud,squeaky wheel. Or the one that rolls fine until half -way through the store when one of the wheels suddenly gets stuck and refuses to roll. This is what I thought about today while trying to survive a Walmart trip. The other observation I had was that our Walmart is the most diverse place I have been in quite awhile. I was shocked and pleased to hear so many different languages being spoken in one place. Wow, a year after living overseas I have now discovered that I should be spending more time in Walmart to experience the mix of cultures I used to savor during our international travels. Strange,yet very American. I guess it is also another marker of the time. Last year when we returned to the States, going into Walmart gave me such a headache. Too many choices, too big, too overwhelming. A year later, I now spend my shopping trips contemplating crappy shopping carts and culture.
shelley said...

They say if you want to experience someone elses' culture you should eat their food...I say travel to the shopping mall.

Karen said...

Kind of like being in the Amagi shopping arcade. Shopping in Japan was such a unique experience for me. I think I learned a lot about Japanese culture through shopping.

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