Solo Trip

February 28, 2007

Tomorrow I will be doing something I haven't done in four years....flying solo (well not literally! there will hopefully be a pilot and a full crew!). For the first time since having children, I will be flying without car seats, stroller, bulky diaper bag, three changes of clothing, cheerios, and nasty stares from fellow travelers. I will able to read something besides Curious George, I will be able to sleep, I will be free to wander the cabin when I want to and not because I have a squirmy toddler...I never thought I would be so excited to fly cross-country, but I am !

That doesn't mean I won't be missing my monkeys because I will. This is the first extended (six days) separation I have ever had from them. My wonderful, kind, generous, loving, saint of a husband has taken time off from work so I can fly to San Diego and spend time with my dear friend Summer and her family. I can't wait to hold Sophie, but I am sure it will also make me miss my babies. And perhaps I will miss them more than they will miss me...I heard Adam already planning all sorts of fabulous outings so they will be busy.

And now I need to pack for my big adventure...novels I have been wanting to read, dark chocolate to replace the cheerios, and fancy hand lotion instead of diaper creme.
Jessica said...

Wow, have a great time! I can hardly imagine (it will be awhile before I get to experience that kind of freedom again).

the clan mccawley said...

Between your trip to CA and Angie off to France, I am a very DARK shade of green with envy! My solo trips to the commissary seem much less exciting now. I am, however, looking forward with GLEE to a girls weekend in Vegas sometime this summer with my pal Cassie. SO, read those books, get a tummyache from the chocolate, shop solo, take long baths and pee at will! LOL
Wish I was in CA to catch up with Ya!

Ann said...

Hope you have a great kidless journey!!! IT was so sweet of hubby to take time off so you could do this.

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