Noah's 4th Birthday

February 15, 2007

The highlights of Noah's fourth birthday were:

1) Wearing a crown all day at school

2) Hearing Happy Birthday sung to him three times in Hebrew

3) Being the line leader and the class leader for Shabbat

4) Eating doughnuts and challah with his classmates

5) Playing outside with his school buddies, his Dad, his Nana, his Mei-Mei, and his Mama

The not-so-great moments:

1) His Dad, His Nana, and His Mei-Mei got in an accident on their way to his school (another rear-ending at an intersection which means, yes, we will have to replace our bumper for the second time in six months!)

2) Noah got sick on the day after his birthday and his bowling party had to be cancelled

The Solley Five said...

oh no! well, i'm glad there were some highlights and glad (suprised) that you weren't the one behind the wheel in the accident (i thought these things always happened to you?)
wearing a crown all day has got to beat all!

Ann said...

Well glad he got to wear the crown and sorry about the accident. I hope the little guy is feeling better.

Sherry said...

Thats some crazy B-Day! At least you can make light of it now. I hope Noah feels better real soon & that there will be no more fender-benders in the near future.

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