Happy Mother's Day

May 13, 2006

To all of the mothers out there, those waiting and wanting to become moms, to the grandmothers, the great grandmothers, to the women who "mother" in special ways, to all of the birthmothers who gave their children life and love through adoption....I want to thank you. Thank you for the many ways you have brought joy, comfort, healing, and compassion into our crazy world.

Mothering is the most rewarding, humbling, exhausting, and exhilerating experience I have ever had. Nothing prepared me for the overwhelming rush of emotions I felt when I held my children for the first time. Nothing prepared me for the overwhelming sense of resposbility and worrry. Yet I can't imagine it any other way. On Mother's Day I celebrate my two beautiful children...I wouldn't be a mama without them. I also think about Camille's birthmother and thank her.

We will be celebrating Mother's Day by preparing to return to Taiwan to finalize Camille's adoption. We leave on Monday and will be gone for about two weeks.

Ann said...

You said it all about Mother's Day. Congrats on finalizing Camille's adoption!! Great picture by the way

The Farrow's said...

What sweet and true words!! Hope you had a wonderful day and yes..thank you to Camille's birth mother for bringing such a beautiful, loving and special little girl into this world and thank you for being such a caring, supportive and loving Mom for that little beauty!! Good luck with everything these next two weeks!!!

~The Farrow's

The Solley Five said...

I just read your last 5 blogs (i'm late...a regular blog-tard) and i love hearing about all these amazing moments. Even though I'm right here with you in Oki, it's great to see the picture of little Noah, before I knew him at a crayfish smorgasboard! So darling! we're good here...hope you're having the BEST of times in Taiwan!
-angi & family

Allen & Angela said...

Congratulations on traveling to finalize Camille's adoption. What a wonderful Mother's Day present!


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