Monkey Boy Business!

January 17, 2006

Noah has been keeping us on our toes lately with his monkey boy antics. Last week he locked his teacher out of the classroom and led a group of little boys in a game of chase while the teacher searched for the key. Today he drew on the sofa and ottoman with a ballpoint pen. While I was trying to take care of the "art" work, he went to the potty and instead of wiping himself in the proper manner he proceeded to jump on our bed which was covered with newly folded clothing. I found him giggling as he sat naked on a pile of our pillows and formerly clean clothes! Needless to say I will be doing a lot of laundry tonight and Mr. Monkey Boy will be going to bed early!

It is hard for us to believe that Noah will be three soon. He is a bundle of energy and very eager to learn about his surroundings...always asking "why"! He loves music...dancing, singing, and playing any musical instrument he can get his hands on...especially his Okinawan drum. He also loves riding his trike, playing soccer, and climbing trees.

He's excited about being a big brother and often asks about Baby Camille. We have been talking a lot about the "baby house" where she is living right now. Adoption is not an easy concept to explain to a three year old. He has asked us on several occasions: "Is my baby sister in my tummy or mama's tummy?". We have been reading a lot of books about new siblings, but we know that having a sibling will be a big adjustment for our monkey boy. We know he will be a kind and generous big brother, but we hope he doesn't teach Camille too many monkey tricks!

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