Highlights from 2005

January 10, 2006

Here are some highlights from 2005. The most exciting part of the year was starting the adoption process in Taiwan. We can't wait to have a new member of our family in 2006!

January started with a wonderful visit from Nana, Adam's mom. We celebrated New Year's Day by taking part in the Japanese custom of visiting the local shrine/temple.

February highlights included celebrating Noah's 2nd birthday and an amazing trip to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Northern Japan. The trip included impressive snow sculptures, beautiful winter scenery, lots of snow, and great food!

March was the month of azaleas and we went to a beautiful park in the northern part of the island to see them in full bloom.

In April our dossier and photobook were received in Taiwan and we started the process of waiting to be matched with a daughter! We took a photo at the Fed Ex office...I think the clerk was a little puzzled by why we wanted a photo,but it was a big moment for our family.

During May we celebrated Children's Day by flying fish flags in our yard and visiting a small waterfront town that hangs thousands of fish flags to celebrate the holiday. We also had a great trip to Kyoto where Adam presented at an international family medicine conference.

In June, Lucia's sister Emee came for a visit. We had a lot of fun seeing the local sites. Noah was especially sad to see her leave.

July and August were hot and humid! We spent a lot time exploring the beautiful Okinawa beaches and trying to stay cool.

In September, Lucia and Noah made a trip to Louisiana a few days after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. They helped Lucia's parents move into their beautiful new home and then had to evacuate the area when Hurricane Rita hit. It was a sad time to be in
Louisiana but we were glad to be with family and friends. Noah especially loved being in the countryside with his Grandpa, Duchess, Emee, and all of their animals. He also loved dancing to lots of great Cajun music!

October was a fun month with a visit from Nana and Poobah and lots of Halloween parties. Noah and his friend, Olivia were a wonderful, lively pair of Shisa dogs! Shisa Dogs are usually made out of clay and they stand guard outside of Okinawan homes to keep the evil spirits away. Noah also started pre-school in October!

November was another month for celebrating ...Adam was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. We had a nice Thanksgiving celebration with friends and gave thanks for all of the blessings we have in our lives. We have been especially grateful to have such a wonderful circle of friends in Okinawa.

In December we spent a few days enjoying the sites of Tokyo before returning to a busy and fun holiday season on Okinawa. The highlight of the month was the arrival of our niece/Noah's cousin, Clementine!

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