Eye of the Storm

June 17, 2017

As a kid growing up in South Louisiana, I have vivid memories of hurricanes with fierce winds, driving rain, piles of library books, flash lights, and ice chests of melting food. But the eye of each storm was always the most intriguing to me with its noticeable shift, the change in pressure, the eery silence, and a magical pause in the drama. It's a surreal thing to experience and it always had me wanting to exhale while also attempting to hold my breath. 

In the midst of our current storm of an international move, we took a break in the action with our annual family trip to Navarre Beach. When we bought our tickets months ago, we assumed that we would be done with the majority of our move and that this would not only be a good way to spend time with family before leaving the country, but also a much needed chance to exhale and relax with our toes in the sand. However, things with this move just haven't gone as expected and the day before our departure was our first moving day. This meant we arrived at the beach feeling pretty zapped out and I don't think I have ever been quite as excited to drive over that bridge to the island as I was this year. 

It was a wonderful week filled with plenty of ocean time, fun family celebrations (a surprise party for my mom and my uncle who turned 70 this year, a proposal, a first anniversary), and lots of re-connecting, but I have to admit that as the week drew to a close the anxiety of what was waiting for us started to whip around inside my gut and the lists began to whirl in my head. The eye of the storm was moving on and we were about to be plunged back into the mess of moving.

 And that's where I am tonight. Unpacking from the beach trip while simultaneously attempting to pack up kitchen items. The second of three moving days happens later this week and at this moment I just don't see how it will happen. But just like all of those hurricanes of my childhood, the storm eventually moves on and things settle back into place. Need to keep reminding myself of that as this week intensifies. 

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